Monday, October 10, 2011

Apples Ready

Just FYI to everyone, we will be open today and tomorrow afternoon for business, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. Right now we have:
  • McIntosh (they are all pre-picked)
  • Jonathan
  • Cortlands
  • Macouns
  • Jonagolds
We have sold out of Gala and Honey Crisp, but there's still lots and lots of apples to choose from!  We have lots of fresh pressed cider, and are still taking appointments for custom pressing. 


mtn92283 said...

How much do you sell your cider for?

Paradise Valley Orchard said...

Hello! We sell cider for $6.00 a gallon or $3.50 for a half-gallon

Unknown said...

Do you have any Crispins/Matsus this season?

The Suzzzz said...

Are you open for the Fall 2012 season? If so, do you have cider yet?

Unknown said...

Hi, I live just over in Logan, and I want to buy some cider! Is there any left?