Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hard Cider Press - SOLD OUT

Thanks for a great response. We are SOLD OUT of cider from this press. 

Each fall we do a custom cider press specifically for hard cider makers (including us at Paradise Valley Orchard). The custom blend includes varieties that give a balanced semi-dry cider. This years blend includes 60% neutral base apples (Honey Crisp, Red Free and Harlason), 15% tart (Wealthy and Jonathan), 15% aromatic (Macintosh and Cortland) and 10% astringent for their high tannin content (Whitney crab as well as some wild/unnamed volunteer trees).

We are going to complete the press on Thursday morning October 21. If you are interested in cider from this press, e-mail or phone us to reserve what you need. The price is same $6/gallon, reduced pricing is available for folks who bring their carboy to us before hand (which is encouraged). We ask that you get your containers to us before 9:00 am, we will get them filled and hold in refrigerated storage for pick-up at your convenience. 


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